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Need Advice From Experienced Volvo Owners

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Posted 11 September 2013 - 10:12 PM


    1st Gear

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Dear volvo enthusiasts and owners.

I would like to seek some advice from those who can share your knowledge and experience with me.

I just came back from working overseas and want to buy a good, reliable 2nd hand volvo.
Basically, I do not have experience with this car, and I do not want to jump into something without consulting with people like you all who have more knowledge than me because I plan to get an old 2nd hand car.

I have narrowed down (based on my budget) to either

1) 240 GL (80s - early 90s) , or
2) 740 GLE (early 90s)

The reason being, 1) my budget, and 2) my taste i like the old classic look rather than the newer chic volvos.

I would like to know if these 2 models are expensive to maintain? would you recommend me starting with either one of those 2 models? Which will be better out of those 2?
Will it be reliable for daily use and long distance and within town use?
Are parts still available? or is it easily sourced?
Basically, what do i need to look for when choosing a model?

Any kind of advice other than my questions above, will be truly valuable for me!

Also, if any members here have a car or knows anyone who has a car for sale, please send me a PM.
I have not started looking, but would like to buy one soon.

PS- my budget is below 5K. Is this a reasonable budget to buy one for cash? I believe the market value for those 2 models are below 5k, but do correct me if im wrong.

Thanking you all in advance and hope to hear some feedback soon!


Volvo enthusiast