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Collision May Cause By Careless Or Without Indicator Lamp

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Posted 23 February 2013 - 12:48 AM



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I was traveling from my office to my home just now. When I reached a 4 lanes highway, I saw a motorcycle riding in the middle of 2nd lane and 3rd lane with a very low speed (I was traveling in the 3rd lane behind this motorcycle). Due to because this motorcycle is really slow, so I decided to overtake it. When I'm just overtaking it half way, I saw this motorcycle suddenly bear right. I instantly break my car and bear it to right also, lucky the car on 4th lane manage to break and not to knock to my car (of course I 'kena' horned). At that moment, I was so angry with this motorcyclist and I pressed some horn to this motorcyclist also.

story end...

The reason I share this incidence is to remind all road users no matter you are a motorist or motorcyclist, do not just 'suka suka' turn or bear your car or motorcycle as well as change lane without survey the surrounding area and no indicator lamp, because other may knock to you. In fact, we have to have a very careful heart while we are driving or riding. Especially to all motorcyclists (In fact, I'm a weekend motorcyclist also), no mater we knock to other or other knock to us, a motorcyclist is always a loser although he or she may be protected by Malaysian law. Because a motorcyclist will always get a physical hurt in every collision, but a car driver just only get some pain on his or her purse.