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A New Forumer For Le Club Citroen - Future C4 2005 User

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Posted 27 April 2013 - 06:10 PM



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Dear Sifus

It has been nearly two months now. Yesterday at 8.30 pm as soon I enters Gambang Toll plaza, I park a side and switch off the C4 for a while. Need to reply to an organisor of 'UAV siswa challenge' e-mail. My team were selected for the challenge and will be receiving the UAV components next week. After sending the mail, i crank the C4 and the C4 is speechless, quite. The battery OK, loud horn sound, bright headlight, the battery OK.

Got to call my nearest sifu at Kuantan. He is having a company family dinner and was not really able to help much. he just said it is the starter problem, and suggested me to knock the starter, near the engine underhood and next to transmission. So I just search anything I have in my car, start sweating with my office wear, time is close to 9.30 pm. The only thing I have was an umbrella but no umbrella, open my front boot and start knocking on ' starter' without knowing that I am knocking the alternator ! , i keep doing it until highway assistant tell me not to do so. smile_blush.gif

Making another call to my other sifu at selayang, and he advice me to check the fuse/relay box and looking at fuse no 8. Well I still have my tablet with me and start looking on the internet, google for fuse 8 . It is a classical problem for C4.

The Fuse/ relay staking for fuse can be opened, I have seen them doing it, and I just recalled what they did. Then I just used my phone LCD light to detect the location of fuse (it is 20A fuse - you can see the amperage directly at slot no 8) and have to use my lucky finger to remove the fuse. There is a special tool to remove the fuse, I just use my finger and it is hurt a while - finger swearing both in heart and mouth - why it happen to me on weekend. Then I use the multimeter to check the fuse and confirm it break (you can visualise the breakage). I took out the spare fuses box and the largest I have is just 15A fuse and large values has large feet and cannot be used. So I just insert the fuse (the fuse is symmetric and no matter which direction is ok - JUST for the fuse no 8 ) . Start crank... it work. All the swearing turn into complement. Thanks to my sifus. Still my problem is not solved, need to replace the fuse to a suitable size. My selayang sifu suggested the 25A fuse, and do not have to worry about the starter. So call back my nearest sifu asking for his kindness for spare 25A fuse. Ok , get my car back to Gambang to see him.

For fuse replacement, the car need to switch off. Well the 15A fuse is still OK , and the C4 has a new larger 25A fuse. My selayang sifu, most C4 is installed with the fuse of that size

Abdul aziz jaafar
My Best Old Man Toy : Citroen C4 2005