Verstappen aims for revenge in Qatar

Last week the Dutch managed to qualify for the World Cup 2022. The final tournament will be held in Qatar next winter. Let that also be the next Grand Prix in the entertaining Formula 1 season. It has been a long time since the fight for the world title in the highest class of motor sport was this exciting. Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton both still have a chance at the title and that was clearly noticeable at the last Grand Prix. The level is higher and the two give each other no space. In the next three races will be clear whether Verstappen can grab the world title. A victory in Qatar could make all the difference.

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First ever Grand Prix in Qatar

Qatar has put itself on the sports map by hosting the World Cup, but also by hosting the Grand Prix. For the first time ever, a Formula One race will take place in the country. The Losail International Circuit will be the setting for one of the most exciting races of the year. The circuit was opened in 2004 and is 5380 meters long. You need to download rajabets app to watch live broadcasts and place bets.

The Qatar GP replaces the Australian Grand Prix in the current season. However, the Qatar GP will return every season for the next ten years. Remarkably, in 2023 it will be raced on a different and new circuit. The Qatar Grand Prix is a true evening race, which makes for a unique experience. However, an evening race is not a first, there are about four evening races to admire this season.

Who will win in Qatar?

The big favorite for the win in Qatar is Lewis Hamilton. The Englishman will take the win in Doha according to the online bookmakers. Verstappen seems to be the only competitor for the win according to the bookmakers. The biggest contenders for third place are Bottas and Perez. However, there will also be outsiders Lerclerc, Norris, Sainz Jr and Gasly to consider. Check out the online bookmakers' quotes for victory and a top 3 ranking below:

Victory in Qatar:

  1. Hamilton: 1.70 euros.
  2. Verstappen: 2.75 euros.
  3. Bottas: €17.00.
  4. Perez: €23.00.
  5. Leclerc: €51.00.
  6. Norris: £61.00.
  7. Sainz Jr.: Euro 67.00.
  8. Gasly: € 101.00.

Top 3 ranking in Qatar:

  1. Hamilton: 1.22 euro.
  2. Verstappen: € 1.25.
  3. Bottas: 1.67 euros.
  4. Perez: € 2.30.
  5. Leclerc: € 5.00.
  6. Norris: £6.00.
  7. Sainz Jr: € 7.00.
  8. Gasly: €9.00.

Programme GP Qatar

The drivers will start the first free practice session on Friday morning. The second free practice will take place later the same day and the final free practice and qualifying will follow one day later. The race will start this Sunday at 15:00.

Friday: first free practice (11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) and second free practice (3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.).

Saturday: third free practice (12:00pm to 1:00pm) and qualifying (3:00pm to 4:00pm).

Sunday: race (15:00 hours).

World Championship position Formula 1

Max Verstappen is currently in 1st place in the World Cup standings. However, the difference with Hamilton is minimal so anything can still happen. See below the top 10:

  1. Verstappen - 332,5 points.
  2. Hamilton - 318,5 points.
  3. Bottas - 203 points.
  4. Perez - 178 points.
  5. Norris - 151 points.
  6. Leclerc - 148 points.
  7. Sainz Jr - 139.5 points.
  8. Ricciardo - 105 points.
  9. Gasly - 92 points.
  10. Alonso - 62 points.

Can Verstappen already take the title this weekend?

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In the current season there are still three races left in Formula 1. A driver can win a maximum of 78 points in the next three races. A victory gives 25 points and the fastest lap an extra point. The difference with Hamilton is small, but could grow this weekend. Verstappen clocked the fastest time in the first free practice session and is a top favorite. Verstappen has a 14 point lead. Should the Netherlands win in Qatar and Hamilton drop out, the difference will be 40 points. There are still 52 points to be divided in the last two races. It is not yet possible for Verstappen to grab the title this weekend.


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