Mega Jackpot falls at Spin a Win

Mega Jackpot

The popularity of live casino games is still growing. And that's quite understandable when you see the gigantic jackpots that can be won on some games due to the huge multipliers that can be created on the various games.

We are quite used to mega payouts on live casino games such as Monopoly Live and Crazy Time, both from Evolution. These can also be played in the Netherlands on site There are regular payouts of several thousand times your bet.

How does Spin a Win work?

Evolution may be the world leader in producing live casino games, but nowadays there are more providers that produce fun, popular live casino games. One such provider is Playtech. One of their games is Spin a Win. A game in which a wheel of fortune takes center stage. A live host presents the game and spins a large wheel with 56 segments on it. Each segment has a value, these values run from 1 to 2, 5, 10, 20 and 40.

Before the host starts spinning the wheel, players must bet on the number they expect the wheel to stop at. You can bet on any number. If it falls on the number you predicted, you will receive that number times your bet. For example: You bet €5 on 20 and the wheel stops on 20, you will receive 20x€5=€100 plus your original bet. And you will receive €105 back. The higher the number, and therefore the payout, the less often the number appears on the wheel.

In addition to the numbers, there are also two multipliers on the wheel, a 2x and a 7x. If the wheel stops on one of these multipliers, it becomes active on the next number that is spun. So if the wheel stops on 7x and the next spin stops on 40 and you have bet €1 on 40, you will receive 7x40x€1=€280 plus your own bet of €1. This makes the game super exciting.

13,720x the bet

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Last week was a real celebration. The host spins the wheel and the wheel stops at 7x. The host spins the wheel again and again it stops at 7x. So that's 7x7x. Then she spins it again at 7x, the chance of that is really small but it can be done. The next turn the wheel stops at 2x so we are dealing with a multiplier of 7x7x7x2x, that makes 686x. Next the host spins the wheel and stops it at 20, so everyone who has bet on it receives 7x7x7x2x20x their bet. That's 13,720x! What an incredible jackpot for the players.


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