Kawaboumga wins over $65,000 on Sweet Bonanza!

After long complicated periods, the luck seems to be well-installed on Kawaboumga's side! Indeed, a few weeks ago, we told you about his very lucrative session, punctuated in particular by a hit of 50 000 dollars at the roulette. On Sunday, March 6, luck smiled again on the French streamer, with a bonus that undoubtedly offers him one of his biggest gains of this year 2022!

In front of several thousand viewers, the young man based in Malta won more than 65,000 dollars in a bonus on the famous slot machine Sweet Bonanza! This creation is credited to the provider Pragmatic Play and is known to be extremely volatile, and even very lucrative if luck is on your side, which was the case for our friend Kawa! Try your luck at the Sweet Bonanza on the site https://indiancustomer.in/.

Who is Kawaboumga?

Kawaboumga is a well-known face in the online casino community! The one we call Kawa is a famous French-speaking streamer who has specialized for a few years in online casinos and poker. But like many, it is first in gaming that the young man is known. He started playing strategy games like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale. Very quickly, the success is there and Kawa manages to build a solid community that reaches more than 600 000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Gradually, Kawaboumga migrated from YouTube to the Twitch platform, where he performed live in front of several thousand viewers. From gaming, Kawa turns more and more to gambling, he is a great fan of online poker. Thus, it is in 2020 that the young man devotes himself exclusively to gambling.

After moving to Malta, Kawaboumga made online gambling his daily life. This is how the young man performs live every day, in front of a growing community. A loyal community that supports him in his quest for huge profits!

The incredible bonus of Kawaboumga

It was on Sunday, March 6th that Kawa was entitled to an absolutely incredible bonus on the Sweet Bonanza slot machine, which seemed to smile on him that evening! Indeed, he got this bonus very quickly after the previous one. "I found my slot, guys!" the Malta-based streamer couldn't believe his words.

With a bet per spin of $100, the bonus can be very lucrative if luck is on your side. And that night, Kawa was literally touched by grace. After a first spin that gave him a 25x bomb on a $32 payout, he was up to $800. A quiet start, to say the least. But it's on the next spin that everything is going to go crazy for Kawa.

Indeed, he who is usually so talkative sees appearing on the next spin a bomb x 50 which leaves him speechless for a few seconds. But very quickly, the silence is going to give way to the excitement because the connections follow one another for the young man! And the more the connections follow one another, the more Kawa understands that it is a potential big gain for him. And as the amount of the tumble only increases, he even sees three more bombs appear! The payout for the tumble is set at $920, plus a total multiplier of x 67! In total, Kawaboumga wins $61,640 with this spin alone!

The rest of the bonus is less fortunate for him, but that doesn't matter because the Maltese resident ends this bonus with $65,668, which brings his balance to over $100,000, much to his and his community's delight!


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